School Corruption and Cover up in Minnetonka School District ISD 276.

A host of misconduct allegations have been leveled against Groveland Elementary School Principal David Parker.

These include Witness Tampering, Conspiracy, Endangering children, and obstruction of justice. Allegations the Minnetonka School District in Minnesota seem intent upon covering up.

Darrin Williams, a parent whose children attend Groveland Elementary School wants Principal David Parker held accountable for his actions.  All attempts to address problems with Parker have been ignored.  With the help of Civil Rights Advocate Kim Bukstein, Darrin Williams presented the matter to the School District who at first tried to dismiss the alligations but later agreed to meet with Williams. 

Thursday February 10 2011, Darrin Williams and Civil Rights Advocate Kim Bukstein met with Superintendents Dennis Peterson and Assistant Tim Alexander at the district offices.   Williams presented documents and evidence showing Parker engaged in a pervasive pattern of wrongdoing from 2008-2011.  Also that Parker had failed to disclose an unethical relationship between himself and the mother of Williams’s children, Heather Melsness.  Melsness freely admits to having close ties to Parker.  

Williams presented court documents showing Parker meddled during litigation with intent the mother win custody.  These documents show Parker making false reports of child maltreatment about him to the court appointed evaluators, and engaged in other acts of conspiracy involving school staff.  In addition, the documents allude to Parker’s directive requiring Williams to bring sick children into the school, a situation which has created a public health risk.    The staff had admited they act under this directive and emails from Parker show him evading questions about it.   Williams provided dates and times Parker’s directive was used, and how in recent weeks the school staff ignored his warnings sending the children into the classroom with Influenza A – H1N1 (same or simular to swine flu), exposing the entire school to infection .

In short, Williams presented material evidence of misconduct but also showed a serious public health risk to children. The School Officials not only failed to acknowledge any of this they made statements inconsistent with the facts.  

For example, Williams had also described how Parker had obstructed police investigation of Melsness’s assault 11/28/10 in front of teachers and students.  A Minnetonka Police Detective had contacted Parker who agreed to cooperate, but Parker prevented teachers from coming forward, and refused to answer questions about it.  Superintendent Dennis Peterson’s response to this was:  “David Parker investigated and determined no one saw anything” and Assistant Superintendent Tim Alexander claimed to have spoken with the Detective who said “there was no investigation.”   

The Detective assigned the investigation case No: 10-043348. There had been several teachers who stated at the time their willingness to testify.  Principal Parker had told the detective he would provide these teachers the detectives contact information, but months went by and no one contacted the detective.  Recently, one teacher confided that at a meeting they were told any and all communication about the incident must go thru David Parker. 

Minnetonka Public School District Superintendents Dennis Peterson and Assistant Tim Alexander know their duty to investigate, yet fail to do so. 

More on this issue soon to come….

Honestly Communicated,

Kimberley Bukstein, Civil Rights Advocate


Subject: Minnetonka School District Health Policy

From: To: CC:;;;;;;;

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 18:21:59 -0600


As you all are witness, Minnetonka Superintendent Peterson has stated his official policy – “This is really our policy and how we are going to address the concern raised.” which is: “From now on, the school will report the absence of the children directly to Heather (the other parent). This applies to absences (even on Thursday mornings,) or even when Mr. Williams (a parent) has called to report illness.”

Therefore, this policy must apply to every parent in the entire Minnetonka Public school system. A school administrator shall provide professional educational services in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Attention Parents, The Minnetonka Superintendent has issued a new health policy; From now on the school will report the absence of children directly to the other parent, this applies to absences even when a parent has called to report illness.

As you see in the post below, the Superintendent says I’m “wrong”… My apologies, I oppose discriminatory practices, and thought he was applying this policy only to Darrin Williams. Since this policy differs substantially from what is currently in the parent hand book, parents throughout the district must be informed. Guess everyone better get started on that right away!

So, when are you going to address the other concerns?

Kimberley Bukstein, Civil Rights Advocate


Subject: Re: Follow Up
From: > To: > CC:;; > Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 07:51:36 -0600 >

 You are wrong. This is really our policy and how we are going to  address the concern raised. Read what I said!! Dennis

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On Feb 15, 2011, at 12:33 AM, “Kim Bukstein” wrote:

Mr. Peterson,

re: “Mr. Williams communication with the school officials.” To  impose “From now on, the school will report the absence of the children directly to Heather.”  That procedure/policy is discriminatory and outside the bounds of  school authority. It is not consistent with Minnesota Law even for  non-custodial parents. Furthermore, it is defamatory casting Mr. Williams in a false light as unwilling or unable to inform her  himself.

For a school to meddle to that extreme is unreasonable interference.  Mr. Williams never requested the school to usurp his role, and  contact Heather, they do it anyway and they know she calls and  threatens him. What you are proposing is to knowingly enable  Harassment and Stalking. I strongly object.

Kimberley Bukstein , Civil Rights Advocate 


Subject: Follow Up

 From: To:;  CC:;  Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 23:11:49 -0600 Subject: Follow Up 

As a follow up to our discussion on Thursday, I have asked Mr.  Parker and his staff to change one procedure that seemed to be a  problem in Mr. Williams communication with the school officials.  From now on, the school will report the absence of the children  directly to Heather. This applies to absences even on Thursday  mornings, or even when Mr. Williams has called to report illness.  There will be no expectation from the school that Mr. Williams bring the children to school when he believes they are too ill to be there. This is a matter for the parents to work out–not the school.  Mr. Parker will be communicating this to you.   Dennis Peterson

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